Response to an Ass-Hat

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Bh2caGxCcAAXQOyWe tried to hold our breath… we couldn’t. We apologize in advance.

      Last week a certain TV reality star felt the need to express his viewpoint that craft beer is bound to fail and that we are on the verge of the bubble bursting. He expressed his opinion that 60% is not good beer along with a state of uncleanliness within these craft establishments. And finally, it is an industry driven by a greed to make money. This is the short version for your reference.

                To start, I’m not going to give this ass-hat the satisfaction of having his name needlessly glorified. If you don’t know who it is, you’ll have to look it up yourself. Secondly, I respect that these are his opinions and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to express it however they want. I think that Julia Hertz’s response was well stated and done in a professional and respectful manner. We, however, reserve the same right to express our opinion in the manner we choose and when it comes to criticizing our industry, our response is guttural and raw… So here it is.


                Get out of our yard you big liquor funded, reality star, capitalizing on other’s misfortune ass hat. What in the world makes you, a self-proclaimed craft cocktail expert, think you are even close to qualified to critique craft beer? Have you ever brewed a batch? Have you ever spent 12 hours in a steaming hot brewery, hand milling malt and lifting 5 gallon bucket after 5 gallon bucket, all the time trying to ensure the most stringent sanitary standards, only to produce 30 gallons of a craft product that you are proud of and not making a single dime off of? I didn’t think so… so get out. You purport the glories of one of the largest liquor conglomerates in the world on your show… which only aligns you with the sort of thing we are fighting… huge, money hungry, conglomerates gobbling up everything in sight as this is the only way you can survive… kind of like you do to bar owners who just need a little help. I don’t have the proof, but I’d be willing to bet my brewery that those companies are somehow in your pocket.

                I can say that we, here at CoStar, have a FANTASTIC relationship with the local craft cocktail scene with some of them being our biggest supporters. How dare you taint that relationship, pitting craft cocktails and mixologists against craft beer. As a self proclaimed bar and alcohol expert, you have a responsibility to support all craft and little guys business… or at least be responsible in expressing your opinion… as this are what makes your traveling circus possible. SO, along with all of the amazing points and facts and data that Ms. Hertz presents… take this… get out. We don’t need you. Your lame attempts to stay relevant have failed and now you’re name won’t even echo in our history books over here at CoStar.


                For further reading and opinions refuting this ass-clown’s irrelevant opinions, see our BLOG entry about Saturation or the most recent article in the Trib Review by Chris Togneri.

                Then End…. Now back to my beer, my porch, my rocking chair, and my shot gun. Stay out of my yard.

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